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Our website uses cookies to measure and analyze the navigation of our users. Cookies are small information files that allow us to compare and understand how you browse through our website. Thanks to them, we remember your preferences so that when you visit us again, you get a better online experience. In no case do cookies store any personal data, or any type of information that can identify you. If you expressly accept our cookie policy in the registration phase and / or you continue on the Web browsing different pages, using the scroll bar, or accessing different areas and menus, from this action it will be inferred that you accept the installation and use of the cookies.

This Website uses the following types of cookies:

SessionThey are necessary for the correct use of the web page, such as for the user session, or to navigate continuously remembering language or country options. They are used to identify the user, if it is necessary to access a registration area. Without these cookies, many of the available services would not be operational. These cookies expire when the browser is closed or after a month.NO
TechniquesThese deals with generic and anonymous information, where personal data is not included, they only remember the page from which the user comes. Its main objective is to improve the functioning of the web.NO
AdvertisingThey allow you to remember the choices you make, the terms and conditions that the user has accepted, and it also offers better and more personalized features, being able to show, if necessary, the most relevant, useful and according to your interests ads, such as prevent the user from continuously perceiving the same ad.Google AdWords Conversion
Social MediaSome services may use connectors with various social networks. By using the social registry, you authorize the social network to place cookies. These cookies add the social component to your navigation.Facebook
AnalyticsThese cookies allow to analyze and measure the properties and functionalities of this Web Page and to proceed to its measurement with the purpose of improvement. The cookies that are installed are third-party cookies. For example, Google Analytics is the analytics tool that helps websites understand how their visitors interact with their properties. You can use a set of cookies to collect information and report website usage statistics without personally identifying Google visitors. ComScore provides customized solutions for online audience measurements, e-commerce, advertising, search, video and mobile. Measure visits and unique users.Google Analytics

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