Sleep better. We take care of your home’s rental business with INTEGRAL MANAGEMENT services FOR SEASONAL RENTALS.

Renovations, decoration, cleaning … forget about headaches. You can use all these services comprehensively or à la carte.

Enjoying your home’s rental business is not synonymous with drowning in out-of-season expenses. By renting it with Sonneil Rentals, you cover annual fixed expenses and earn additional income. Your house was built to be lived.

We help you make the most of your property in a PROFESSIONAL, LEGAL way, with the best PROFITABILITY possible and with the maximum GUARANTEES that we will take care of your property … as if it were ours!

  • We comply with current LEGAL and FISCAL regulations. Forget about working on “the dark side of the force.”
  • We maximize your income and capture reservations in more than 200 travel portals in which we will register your home.
  • We provide a professional and comprehensive service, from marketing, key custody, management, cleaning, laundry, collection, surveillance and maintenance.
  • We select the best clients for your home.
  • We have the best team of professionals and maintenance companies.
  • Payment guarantee for holiday rentals.
  • We offer to our guests to be members of the Sonneil Rentals Club so that they can enjoy advantages and discounts in various establishments in the city.
  • We carry out any other management you need before municipalities or companies.

How does it work


We advise you on legal and tax regulations and make sure you comply with them.We help you in obtaining the licenses so that everything is in order.

We manage. You make money

We handle the collection of advance payments, bookings and deposits at check-in, which are refunded at check-out. Either through our online money-collection platform, or through other methods. We pay you monthly the agreed amount for the bookings we have managed.

The sand stays on the beach

The apartment is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected every time a checkout is done. Customers get an excellent first impression and we ensure their well-being and peace of mind.

We love to decorate

We advise you on the decoration to give a unique image to your home. And we share with you different packages of furniture, appliances and decoration to make the most of each corner. Shopping can be stressful, that’s why we do it for you. We also take care of deliveries and installations.

Say goodbye to the stress of renovations

Don’t let renovations be a nightmare. We handle your home renovations to avoid you headaches. As an added benefit, the renovations will allow you to increase the rental price.

Don’t let a broken faucet spoil your day

Our team and repair and maintenance services allow us to manage, coordinate and repair any breakdowns, so that your home is set and ready at all times. We take care of the insurance on your behalf in case of a claim.

First impression counts

We create the best listing profile of your home and differentiate it from the rest. We take care of the photographic report and we advise and inform you on a monthly basis.

It smells clean

We provide bedding for your rooms and towels for your bathrooms. All the linen is top quality. We take care of the pickup and delivery, without any issues for replacement and without you having to buy it.

Welcome! See you Soon!

24h key delivery service. We receive the guest even if he arrives outside the scheduled hours. We explain how household appliances works and we recommend places to visit. At checkout we make sure that everything is in order and that the apartment has not suffered any damage.

If it’s not on the Internet, it doesn’t exist.

We publish your property on more than 200 online platforms, including complete synchronization of prices, availability, calendar, online booking management “(Booking, Airbnb, Homeaway)”…


We recommend that you leave it in the hands of expert managers. If you decide to do it yourself, you will have to follow the procedures provided by the Comunitat Valenciana and provide the following documents, forms and formalities:

  • Documentation accrediting the physical or legal personality of the interested party.
  • Occupancy licence for the dwelling.
  • List of dwellings for tourist use, if there are several.
  • Responsible declaration of the interested party.
  • Certificate of availability of the property/s.
  • Certificate of compliance with the general and specific technical requirements and their maintenance during the duration of the activity.
  • To avoid administrative sanctions, you must ensure compliance with current and future legal regulations.
  • Comply with the regulatory requirements established to hold, where appropriate, the rural modality.
  • Energy efficiency certificate where applicable.

The owner of a property interested in registering it in the Tourism Register of the Valencian Community, a necessary requirement to be able to offer it as a tourist dwelling, must first obtain a favourable municipal report on urban development compatibility.

Relying on a management agency can save you a lot of time and worries. Mainly because homeowners generally do not appreciate the amount of time and paperwork that is necessary to rent out and manage the day-to-day running of a holiday apartment.

It depends on many factors such as the location of the flat, the type of property, the facilities and, of course, the supply and demand in the area. With all this information we carry out a specific study for each property. Generally the annual income for owners ranges between €8,000 and €14,000. Our comprehensive rental management will always seek to achieve the highest possible occupancy rate.

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